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Market hot end hotels need to alert to what crisis?

Date: 2020-01-17

Sober cognition hotel development risk in the end, is the necessary steps the midrange hotels binge.

Mid-range hotel as a hotel investment nowadays the hot plate, in each big brand thousand sails for flow gradually started going to the customer in the field of vision.

In the future development of the hotel can depends on many factors, but the primary factor must be will have significant relationship with the country's economic development situation.Maturity of the national economy should be featured, rich and poor are featured on the top and tail, middle should belong to the middle class;Mid-range hotel products in more than 200 yuan, 400 yuan the following, if like star hotel depends on the deformation of government consumption, or as a budget hotel by vast social youths as major customers, so the hotel must go.

Mid-range hotel development crisis and machine are together at this time in the collision, the hotel giant was born in the end of the road is more of the many small and medium-sized brand mergers and acquisitions or die.Sober cognition hotel development risk in the end, is the midrange hotels binge necessary steps;In general, mid-range hotel's crisis should be able to see from the following points.

A crisis: the hotel product homogeneity in the end

Product homogeneity is one of the features of China, the point of product homogeneity is the stronghold;Behind the Made - in - China, shanzhai culture is also Made in China is unable to avoid problems;Automotive, textile, construction, mobile phone....Faces is the stronghold of this problem, the hotel chains can't escape this question.Remember the author at the time of 7 days work, very proud of the brand of my own work, also believe that your product is the best on the market.Until one day, a friend told me, in addition to the difference of the VI, he is really not clear home inns and 7 days, hanting distinction, it brings us a deep thinking.

Perhaps for people in the hotel, the difference between a lot of, but for customers to do the same, still have a lot of customers silly points not clear the difference between these brands.The midrange hotels seems also goes into the circle.Every hotel brand in the end, with emphasis on the design, their own ideas, the part of the hotel, but the customer can distinguish.The industry friend joked that, in addition to Vienna the local tyrants version of mid-range hotel easy to distinguish, style is similar to other brands.If this problem does not cause the attention of everyone, in the end the hotel product was eliminated by the aesthetic view of the public, which is two or three years.

Crisis 2: in the end the hotel a product farmland

China's vast territory, a province of the area is larger than a European countries;Some brands want to by a product to all the customers in the 1234 cities, this may be a manifestation of expectations.Hebei has a local hotels, its four branches, its decorate a design style shanzhai is orange crystal.Thought plagiarism can save a lot of mature product design;But never think, after the hotel opening cannot gain market recognition.As the current economy hotel products to now have not knock on door of four or five cities.

Different city, different culture, different customers different products style.This kind of Europe type style of Vienna hotel, small and medium-sized cities in customers' mind than a second-tier cities to high-end customers heart.So, located in different regions of different customers, make different products, to be more customer recognition.

Crisis 3: in the end the hotel innovation blindly, copycat intellectualization

In the fierce market competition, different positioning midrange hotels have begun to emerge;One intelligent hotel, that is the positioning from the perspective of the individual, intelligent is not in the hotel, the most effective tools for improving customer satisfaction will not is the key to curry favor with the customer.

Intelligent product price is high, operation and maintenance management is cumbersome, product operation trival, utilization rate is low, and intelligent products starts the spell of Moore's law.And still need customer pay for them, eventually lead to customer satisfaction have plummeted;Especially from some hotel operating results of using a mobile phone APP to control the smart devices, its design style and operability is against humanity, don't consider the feeling of customers.

The crisis four: in the end products and themed hotel

What is a hotel in the end, may now no one can give the accurate answer to convince everyone that;Some defined in house prices, some as decoration standard definition, some facilities defined, some definition to design style;And, of course, go to some of their boutique hotel and theme in the direction of the hotel.Engaged in years of hotel experience point of view, the design is novel, fashion, the trend is vulnerable to eliminate.

With the real case that Maureen fashion, in 2008, launched a Maureen fashion theme room, call it "happy together", round bed, red as the main design elements.Products, which indeed has exceeded our expectations effect, basically the order of the room to have a chance to check in only one week in advance.By 2009, this product can only guarantee a 100% occupancy rate, and does not need to book in advance;Occupancy rate is less than 90% in 2010, up to now, the room occupancy rate below 70%, basic and basic it is sales promotion at a time, the main room of the sale.

So, if this is the hotel operating profit as the guidance, in the end the hotel still need to try to avoid this kind of change and the trend of the theme.